Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the machines cost to play?

All upright arcade games are 1 token.


Pinballs range from 3 to 4 tokens.

Are kids allowed inside

Absolutely!!! We encourage families to come in and enjoy Player 1. 


We do restrict to 21 and over from 7PM - 12AM on Friday and Saturday nights.....after all, adults need some time to play too :)  

Do you serve food?

We do not serve food. We do sell snacks, and allow all outside food offerings to be enjoyed at Player 1. 

How do you pay for the machines?

All the Arcade games / Pinball machines take both quarters or tokens. We sell tokens via a token machine. If you need cash to use in the token machine, we also have an ATM on site.

Do you have an ATM on site?

Yes, we have an ATM in the arcade for your convenience.